Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Program base rates market competitive?

Yes, on average the Program base rates are significantly below commercial market rates.

Are there premium credits available in addition to the base rate savings?

Yes, the Program offers savings/credits, including:

  • Part-time
  • New to practice
  • Risk management
  • Claims free

What are my coverage options?

Both occurrence and claims-made options are available with limits that range from $100K/$300k to $2MM/$6MM  per occurrence/annual aggregate which will vary by state.

Will my “tail” liability be covered if I currently have a claims-made policy?

Yes, prior acts coverage can be purchased to cover a practitioner’s “tail” liabilities either from the practitioner’s current carrier or from the Program by purchasing a claims-made policy which will include prior acts coverage going back to the practitioner’s retroactive date.

Is part-time coverage available?

Yes, part-time coverage is available for practitioners who meet the eligibility criteria. All practitioners will be required to submit his/her part-time status and provide notice if their part-time status changes at any time during the policy period.

Are office employees in my licensed entity (PC, LLC, Inc., etc.) eligible for coverage?

Yes, office employees of practitioner entities are eligible for coverage if all practitioners within the group participate in the Program and an entity-coverage application is submitted.

What are my responsibilities?

Practitioners are expected to provide detailed written notice of claims and potential claims by email to Titan RRG Claims Management Department

How do I join?

Joining is easy. You may either provide:

  • Your most recently completed malpractice application (if it contains all the necessary and current information to evaluate your eligibility for participation)
  • A completed application, which can be accessed and submitted through the following link: Enroll