When to Report

As soon as you become aware of an incident or complaint, report a claim for any instance below:


Legal Action

  • You are served with a lawsuit
  • You receive a letter from an attorney stating that they are making a claim on behalf of a patient against a physician, hospital or facility
  • You are contacted by a licensing board or regulatory agency stating they are starting an investigation

Adverse Event

  • There is an unexpected outcome resulting in injury to the patient
  • A birth results in injury or death of the infant or mother (In this instance, you may want to consider preserving the placenta for future testing)
  • A failed medical device results in patient injury (Be sure to secure the defective device for future testing and do not send the device back to the manufacturer for testing until you consult with us)

Injuries on the Premises or Damage to Property or Data

  • A data breach involving a patient’s personal protected health information has occurred
  • If we insure your premises for general liability, notify us of any reported injuries or property damage that occur on the premises

How to Report

For any instance above, and/or if you have a question about a potential claim, please contact the Titan RRG team via email or phone.

Download Claim Form

Email: Titan Claims Management Department