About Us

U.S.-based Titan Risk Retention Group (RRG) offers professional liability protection for physicians and health care professionals in both a primary care and specialist setting. In the complex and ever changing world of modern health care, our products and services are specifically designed to deliver the stability, guidance and value you deserve.

Licensed throughout the country, Titan RRG is a financially strong and reliable-rated company with over 30 years of experience in the physician/clinician practice and hospital insurance environment. Coupled with access to world class experts and top-tier panel defense counsel, our high-level and experienced staff effectively manage the entire professional liability continuum (claims management/risk reduction/insurance coverage) and serve more than 1,400 customers across the country.

Our offering of insurance products and benefits is comprehensive and flexible and considers local markets and trends. This approach facilitates a customizable and competitive rate, which includes a potential cost savings of up to 30 percent. Components of these benefits include Titan’s premium credits and an online education platform that meets regulatory CME requirements. Our rock-solid protection is available for full- and part-time physicians, health care professionals, office employees and business entities.

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